Metal Business Cards vs. Vistaprint – The 6 Big Advantages of Choosing My Metal Business Card

Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

Vistaprint - My Metal Business Card - Why Metal Business Cards Are Better Than Paper Name Cards

Metal Business Cards vs Vistaprint Brokendown

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, one of the areas you are constantly striving to improve on is value.

That could be the value for money you provide for your customers, the value you seek to get from suppliers or the overall value of your operation.

Many of us are seeking to add value, some simply seeking to maintain it, but one of the mistakes many people make is immediately equating value with price.

You see, the thing about value is that it goes way beyond what you actually pay for something.

Value lasts way beyond that initial purchase.

You know when you go to the store and buy 50 paper plates for a few bucks that you’re not going to eating your dinner off them for years to come, and the plates themselves aren’t going to have a lasting impression on you beyond the end of the meal you just ate.

However, when it comes to business cards, many folks think they can get great value by buying in bulk at the cheapest price and distributing their paper cards to the largest number of people possible and then wait for the phone to ring or the inbox to fill up.

It’s true that enlisting a company such as Vistaprint to churn a few hundred business cards for you for under $10 might seem like smart business sense–but how much value will those cards hold once you start handing them out and the disappear into someone’s jacket pocket, wallet or purse?

The sad truth is that most paper cards are typically instantly trashed.

Quick Metal Business Card Being Lasered - My Metal Business Card

At My Metal Business Card, we believe that a metal card has the edge over their paper counterpart because the value of it lasts much longer and this can be measured in many different ways.

What Advantages Does a Metal Business Card Have Over a Vistaprint Paper Business Card?

Ok, so you already know that buying a bulk load of paper business cards from Vistaprint will work out cheaper than purchasing metal business cards.

However, what are you really getting and what do metal business cards offer that their paper counterparts don’t?


Alive Design Copper Business Card

Well, for one, they are durable and last much longer. A metal business card isn’t going to get dog-eared in your wallet or get soggy in your coat pocket if you get caught in a rain shower.

In fact, they can withstand a lot of punishment that would frankly finish a paper business card.


“We work in construction and our cards used to get sweaty and fall apart, the metal cards are not affected by sweat. Builders and Architects are always impressed with our cards.”

– Colter M.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Stone Brothers Properties - Stainless Steel Card With Cutouts And Red Spot Color - My Metal Business Card

Then there’s the ‘wow’ factor. Think about that person you will hand your metal business card to and imagine his or her desk drawer full of white paper business cards they have barely glanced at since they first grasped them out of expectant hands.

Now, here you are, with your sleek, cool, and stylish metal business card.

The FEEL of the card is magical – when your new contact feels the touch and weight of metal, it’ll certainly raise an eyebrow or two and your business will be etched on their minds for some time to come.

Metal cards elevate your professional image to a whole new level.

People associate things that are heavy with importance, value and significance–and that instills YOU as an effective and professional person in their mind.

That was certainly the experience of My Metal Card customer Mike S who left this feedback:

“I only wish I would have known about these ultra-cool cards years ago. Words don’t even come close to expressing the ‘WOW’ factor they have and the repeat business I’ve been receiving because of them. Most people have never seen anything like them. The responses I receive from basically every customer whom I give one to is priceless. They are absolutely worth their weight in gold.”

–Mike S. AK, United States
Mmbc Tesla Genesis Vip Membership Card
It should be no surprise that Tesla knew the value in Metal Cards for their Rewards Program.

Longevity and Word of Mouth

1: People don’t throw away metal business cards.

2: And they show the cards to their colleagues and friends.

“Being in my industry for 20 years and 9 of those in upper management. i deal with a lot of venders day in and day out. I get tons of business cards day in and day out, and to be honest i just chuck them ( throw away). Then one day my [redacted] rep came in. I had not seen him in a while and so he went went to give me his business card and it was metal! anyway the conversation changed from routine to less stressful sales tactic, I didn’t see him as trying to sell me.

It put him on a whole different level in a second like that in my mind… Even if i didn’t like him, i still would not throw that card away, you just don’t, you are just accustom to keep something different and unique. I even went out of my way to show my colleagues.

– Steven W. (emphasis added)

“They really do set yourself aside from anyone else handing out a paper card. My first order was better than I expected! Clients and Customers don’t feel like they can throw this away, so they sit on their desks or in their homes, and give constant “organic” advertising to anyone who sees them! I love people’s reactions to them – totally worth investing in!”

“My metal business cards literally drew a crowd at Dunkin Donuts when I was showing a buddy“

– Brian T. McCann

Design Flexibility

Breakdown-Stainless-Steel-Cards-0120 - My Metal Business Card

No, we’re not talking about the kind of flexibility you get from bending your plastic credit card – and we’re not talking pilates either. Although it won’t bend, a metal business card is much more flexible than a paper business card because of the many different ways you can customize it.

There isn’t much you can really do with a one-size-fits-all white paper business card from Vistaprint, but at My Metal Business Card, you can really cut loose.

Different colors, cool etching, exquisite lettering, jaw-dropping images, you can even have different shapes cut into it. All this combines to provide an unforgettable calling card for you to distribute to would-be clients.

My Metal Business Card - Photography Stainless Steel Card 1024
My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card For Wedding Photographer

Why Choose My Metal Business Card?

The growth of metal business cards has been gathering pace in recent years and we like to think we have played a big part in that. However, this also means that there’s been something of a race to the bottom in terms of slicing prices to gain your interest.

Often, though, rock-bottom prices mean corners have been cut elsewhere and we have come across cheaper versions of metal business cards that simply don’t cut the mustard.

For a start, the cheaper metal used is much lower quality, which means it’s less durable and also lends itself to less customization. For example, many cheaper metal business cards use stamping whereas we customize cards with chemical etching. Stamping can warp the metal, which is already low grade to start with. With chemical etching, you get a much more precise finish and much more flexibility in regard to lettering and images.

You may also find with some cheaper metal business cards that the lettering and artwork is actually on a sticker which is then fitted to the metal. This will, of course, peel off over time, leaving you with a shoddy product.

At My Metal Business Card, we etch directly onto the high-quality metal, which leaves a lasting impression, not just on the metal itself, but on the person who receives your metal business card.

My Metal Business Card Office - La Habra, California
My Metal Business Card is based in La Habra, Los Angeles, CA

When you buy a metal business card from My Metal Business Card, you are also supporting a small and growing business located in California. We have a hard-working and dedicated team, who enjoy many employee benefits and are committed to producing a bespoke and high-quality product for you.

We provide one-to-one consultation at every step of the process, so you will be kept up-to-date with how your metal business card is coming along.

My Metal Business Card | Custom Fence Inspired Stainless Steel Metal Business Card With Red And White Screen Print 13439 1
Stainless Steel Card with Red Spot Color
Cleannew Brass Metal Card Gold Finish - Mymetalbusinesscard

What About The Cost?

It’s true the metal business cards cost more than paper ones simply because the production process of how metal business cards are made is very much different to that of paper printing – but let’s go back to that idea of value.

When you consider the cost vs. value you receive, metal cards are actually cheaper than paper cards.

All our pricing is upfront and honest, so you’ll get no nasty surprise when the bill comes. In fact, you’ll find that our rates are highly competitive and, considering the high quality of the product you will receive, the value of a card from My Metal Business Card holds up well over time.

So why wait?

You can have an initial proof of your own, custom-designed metal business card in a matter of hours with our Stainless Steel Cards Starter Pack or the Black Metal Executive Pack.

Both packages include free professional card design by our in-house team and free US shipping for a single, low packaged price you won’t find elsewhere. Choose your option below.

Classic Stainless Steel or Luxurious Black Metal?

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards Starter Pack

Stainless Steel Starter Pack – Currently just $199 (Save 38%)

Black Metal Business Cards Executive Pack

Luxurious Black Metal Executive Pack – Currently just $399 (Save $176)

Or, if you just want to find out more about metal business cards and ask a few questions, give our friendly team in Los Angeles, California a call now on 714.213.8155, or use the chat widget on this site.