Are Business Cards Dead?

Last updated on September 22, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Are Business Cards Dead

In this digital age, are business cards dead? Short answer: No. Not if you want to stand out of the crowd. Professionals still make every interaction count.

In this article:

Anyone who has business cards sitting on their desk, in their pockets or in a drawer will know that over the past couple of years, they have just gathered dust. The Covid-19 pandemic, working from home and virtual meetings meant that face-to-face meetings or any other business function was a nail in the coffin for business cards. 

We hate to be the bearer of good news (not!) – we’ve never been busier! Okay, we admit that the sale of business cards dropped in early 2020 as the pandemic gripped the world. But we’re very glad to say that the little dip didn’t last long… 

News flash! The humble business card is still as important today as it has always been, particularly as there are fewer opportunities to grab the attention of your potential customers – you want to make that first contact as effective as possible.

My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card With Custom Cutout 453619

Are business cards still used?

Research and polls demonstrate that the business card is still very much in use, despite the continued rise in online methods and social media channels, like LinkedIn.

Regardless of the modern digital technology, 27 million business cards are printed every day worldwide. As the businesses around the globe start to get back to some form of normality and meeting people outside of the office is becoming more common, handing over a business card is very much back on the agenda.

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Many professionals still carry business cards, although statistics say that 63% of people throw away business cards because they don’t need your services. 

This leads us to 2 points:

  1. Although a good percentage of people dispose of your card, the remaining 37% keep it; that’s 37% of your audience that potentially could become your customer. Now compare that to website traffic and conversion rates – which would you choose? 
  2. People don’t throw away metal cards! This is a big reason our customers invest in metal cards for their business:

“Business cards are useful in this digital day and age if they stand out and are memorable…old school name and business info on paper are kind of boomer. My metal business cards and my plastic business cards help to keep my towing company out in front of the competition…I rock them daily…maybe you should too!“ – My Metal Business Card customer

“Besides these [metal business cards] having the definite cool factor, they really do set yourself aside from anyone else handing out a paper card. I was more than pleased when I got my first order, better than I expected! Clients and Customers don’t feel like they can throw this away, so they sit on their desks or in their homes, and give constant “organic” advertising to anyone who sees them! I love people’s reactions to them, totally worth investing in!” – My Metal Business Card customer

“My metal business cards are show stoppers! Everyone who receives one comments about how unique my card is and how they will save it. Several times I’ve run into people I have met at networking events years ago and they mention my metal card and how they still have it. It’s one of the best marketing decisions I ever made! The whole team at My Metal Business Card provide outstanding customer service too. I highly recommend this company!” – Marisa Vallbona, Live Inspired!

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Indeed, in some countries, like Singapore, China, South Korea and Japan, etiquette requires you to use business cards in a formal business environment. There are even specific protocols to follow when exchanging business cards and in some cultures if you don’t have one, don’t expect a call any time soon.

There are plenty of business people that are more ‘old school’ and wouldn’t use anything else but a business card. On the opposite side of the coin, the younger business generation would agree there are a lot of benefits to using a business card, just not in the traditional card format. 

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Business Card With Camera Shutter Design Cutout

Cutting-edge design and technological advancements have meant that the face of the business card is changing. While the principle of having and presenting a business card remains strong, the methodology has developed significantly. 

Are business cards still relevant in 2022?

In a word, yes! But not as we know it; prestige, upmarket, luxury… that ‘wow’ factor is absolutely crucial.

In the past it was not unusual for some people, particularly those working in a sales or marketing environment, to hand out 200 to 300 business cards a year. As businesses learn to operate in a hybrid world – a combination of remote and office-based working – is the business card still needed?

Gold-Quick-Metal-Card-With-Custom-Gold-Brass-Finish-Printed-Design-For-Wine-Club-Lounge Nowm

As a simple format of contact details and a logo printed on card is long gone. In fact, the design and material used for your business card is as important as the information it holds. Luxury finishes, modern materials, different sizes, unique designs and colors – these make all the difference. 

Your business card can be the opportunity to make the best first impression, showcasing the quality of your work, products and service. Your business card could be the difference to making a sale or not. 

But don’t just take our word for it… 

“Everyone I give my card to is wow’d. The cards are impressive and show that the person I give them to is special. Thank you for doing what you do!!” – Bryan S.

“I am simply floored at how amazing my metal business card is. Everyone who I’ve shown them to so far is in love. Now my bids will truly stand out from the crowd. These cards are even better than I could have hoped for.” – Jason Moore, PaintDoctorMD

Do business cards matter?


There are plenty of positive reasons why business cards matter, even in today’s digital online world:

  • First impressions – a smart-looking, robust, well-designed business card generates trust, professionalism and confidence; it’s that ‘wow’ factor first impression that counts. There’s a reason why prestige credit cards like the black AMEX are metal…
  • Effective marketing channel – they are an effective visual marketing channel that promotes your brand. It helps your business to stand out from the crowd.
  • Faster than digital – how quickly can you share a digital business card compared to a physical business card? The answer is the physical business card. It takes a matter of seconds to pull a card from your pocket or wallet.
  • Not everyone has gone digital – although it may appear that the world has moved over to mobile devices, not everyone has gone digital; indeed, there are very successful, influential business people that simply don’t like smartphones or tablets. That’s where your physical business card will make an impression.
  • Increases sales potential – they are a physical reminder of your email address, website and phone number.
  • Affordable – where else can you get a more visible, tangible way of promoting your business for a fraction of the price of an online advert?

“I got metal business cards because people don’t think much of handyman. It’s kind of hard to run a business like that also because a lot of people do it. When I hand someone a business card i want to feel like I’m handing them a better quality of handyman work. I’m not someone with no experience and I want my card to show that. Metal business card helps set my estimate apart from everybody else’s.” – Brandon F.

Why metal business cards?

Business cards come in all shapes, sizes and materials but what most business people agree on is that paper business cards are no longer on the starting list. Companies are happy to spend a bit more to get a more effective marketing tool and metal business cards are proving popular.

Sure, you can get your business cards from, say Vistaprint, but we believe you get what you pay for. Are YOU serving customers who look for the rock bottom prices? Or does quality matter?


A metal business card ensures your business stands out and generates a great first impression. They are more robust and durable than standard paper versions – you won’t see the edges and corners of a metal business card curling, looking ragged, tearing or stained. 

“Was not sure if I could really afford to spend for these premium cards. After purchasing my first batch and handing them out to serious clients I do not know how we survived without them! I will absolutely be purchasing more. These are not your average business cards. They make a statement that indicates you are a serious business.” – My Metal Business Card customer

It doesn’t matter if a metal business card is stuffed in a pocket or wallet, dropped into a drawer or having coffee spilt on it; it will still be readable and usable.

If you think that metal can’t be flexible in design, we beg to differ.  Using cutting edge technology, metal business cards are available in different shapes and sizes, etch a multitude of designs into them, cut out shapes can be included and they can be made for a range of purposes, i.e. a bottle opener cards.

“Your product generates BUSINESS!”
“The reaction I receive when I hand out my cards is always wow. I want them to remember meeting me… and they do! Great ice breaker with potential customers.” 
– Alex H.

Making your business card work for you

2022 is the year business cards will break away from the traditional mould, even down to the information your business card should hold.  In fact, they present a great opportunity to not only promote your business but also engage with your potential customer.

Barber Shop Black Metal Business Card - My Metal Business Card
Real Estate Business Card

As well as your logo, company branding and contact details, consider the following:

  • Add a call to action (CTA) – there are two sides to a business card so why not add a CTA on the reverse, like a special offer, link to a video or report, or another action.
  • Add a testimonial – the best ‘word of mouth’ promotion is a testimonial; it builds trust and credibility.
  • Add your photo – as long as it is a professional photo and not some holiday snap, adding your photo creates greater impact and is more memorable for your customer.
  • Add your social media profiles – your social channels can contain far more information about you and your company than a business card.
  • Add a QR code – QR codes, which can be scanned by mobile devices, are a great digital tool to connect your business card with your website or a specific landing page. In fact, using a QR code means that you can simplify the design of your business card to just your logo, company name and your name – all other information can be displayed on a dedicated landing page.
Barber Shop Black Metal Business Card - My Metal Business Card
Barber Shop Black Metal Business Card - My Metal Business Card

The trap of “digital business cards”

We can’t deny that digital business cards are becoming more popular, being added to promotions, email campaigns, invoices and other digital channels. For example, NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a great way to add extra functionality to your business cards: a microchip is added to a metal business card; all your customer or client needs to do is hover their smart device to trigger the activity that you have chosen for your NFC metal business cards, like opening a specific website link!

A word of warning: With all kinds of digital “business card” offerings available these days – beware: keep in mind what your end goal with business cards truly is… If you’re only looking to transfer your contact information to your contact’s phone (where it gets lost within 1000s of other contacts from nobody-remembers-anymore-where), then go ahead and get 1 or 2 cards from

However, if you truly want to MAKE A STATEMENT – then our metal business cards do just that.  The idea you pass off your information to a new prospect, only to have your contact get lost in their hundreds or thousands of phone contacts, just doesn’t have any staying power. 
Starting a conversation, building an instant rapport, showcasing your professionalism and quality, being remembered for YEARS by the people you meet… these are all NOT possible with a one-off NFC “dot” / tap card.

Check out our wide range of metal business cards at or call our friendly team at 714.213.8155.

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